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Compare and Contrast Essay Guide & Examples for Students 

Compare and contrast essays are one of the most interesting types of writing styles in which you need to find out the difference and similarities between two or more subjects. If you are looking for the best ‘write my essay’ help for compare and contrast essay then this article is for you. 

A good compare and contrast essay requires you to focus on the central point by highlighting the key difference and similarities of the chosen objects. This type of essay must explain the significance and implications of the entire analysis. So, you need to come up with the main theme and do some brainstorming to come up with an engaging thesis. 

If you have not written a compare and contrast essay before you might be wondering who can write essay for me? In this article, you will find all the important guidelines for writing a great compare and contrast essay. 

Compare and contrast essay step by step 

Here are the guidelines from experts at [] that you can follow for writing an impressive essay. 

  • Choose an engaging topic 

The first step is to choose an interesting topic for your compare and contrast essay. Make sure the objects you choose for your essay should belong to the same category. Below you can also find some excellent compare and contrast essay topics examples that you can understand what a great topic looks like. 

  • Compare and contrast females and males
  • Compare and contrast coke and pepsi
  • Compare and contrast red and white
  • Compare and contrast country in war compared to country in peace
  • Compare and contrast driving a car or riding a bus
  • Compare and contrast love and hatred
  • Compare and contrast bad and good aspects of overwork
  • Compare and contrast moon and sun
  • Compare and contrast online and traditional commerce
  • Compare and contrast online dating and real-life relations
  • Compare and contrast comedy and drama
  • Compare and contrast greek and roman mythology
  • Compare and contrast soccer and football
  • Compare and contrast chinese and korean
  • Compare and contrast driving a car or riding a bus
  • Compare and contrast love and hatred 
  • Compare and contrast nighttime and daytime
  • Compare and contrast sleeping and being active
  • Compare and contrast running and walking
  • Compare and contrast summer and winter
  • Compare and contrast comic books and TV shows
  • Compare and contrast buffy, the Vampire Slayer and Charmed
  • Compare and contrast pokemon and Sailor Moon
  • Compare and contrast pizza and sushi
  • Compare and contrast circus and cinema
  • Compare and contrast skiing and swimming
  • Compare and contrast monarchy vs democracy

Feel free to choose any topic and if you are still not sure then hire a professional essay writer for your ‘do my paper’ request. 

  • Create a rough outline 

Once you have selected the topic, create a rough outline for your compare and contrast essay. You can organize your thoughts and ideas for a well-structured piece of writing. A typical compare and contrast essay outline consists of an introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. 

  • Write an introduction 

The introduction of a compare and contrast essay is quite similar to other types of academic essays. Here you need to introduce your topic and provide some background information on the objects that you are comparing and contrasting. In the end, provide the main focus of your essay which is the thesis statement. 

  • Compose body paragraphs 

In the body section of the compare and contrast essay, you need to provide details of your comparison. Start each paragraph with a topic sentence and focus on a single comparing and contrasting aspect. Mention the similarities and differences one by one and state your opinion on the main idea. 

  • Write a strong conclusion 

It is the last paragraph of your compare and contrast essay in which you need to summarize all the ideas and provide a significance of your essay. 


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