Frequently Asked Questions

What are my options for finding a mentor or mentee?

To search for a mentor/mentee, you must first enroll in the program. After you enroll, select the “Find a Mentee/Mentor” tab to search for a member by name, company, city, state/province, country or practice area.

I’m in California. Can I request a mentor living in New York?

Yes. Although connecting with members in your geographic location is encouraged and more common, you are permitted to request mentors outside of your local region. Entertainment counsel in California, for example, are welcome to connect with members in New York. Oil and gas industry practitioners in Texas are welcome to connect with ACC members in Calgary. Likewise, members who want to learn about a new industry or practice specialty area, may connect with attorneys outside of their local region.  

Can I enroll as a mentor and a mentee?


Is there a minimum amount of time required for participants? I only have time to participate for six months?

The program is promoted as one year, however, mentees may sign up for as short as six months or as long as one year. Mentors must commit for one year.

Can I suspend my participation during busy times?

Yes. To suspend your participation for a short time, select the “Enroll as a Mentor” tab, then “Edit Mentor Status,” and select the option to suspend participation. Please note that suspending your status does not notify your current connections. It only temporarily removes you from the search.

I already have a mentee. Can we sign up through ACC’s platform to take advantage of the monthly resources and special activities ACC will offer its program participants?

Yes. Mentors and mentees can sign up and connect to one another through ACC’s program to benefit from special monthly resources and mentoring activities occurring at ACC’s Annual Meeting. Once you sign up, you’ll receive additional information on these activities.   

Can I limit the amount of members that can request me as a mentor?

Yes. When you enroll in the program, you designate the number of members you are willing to mentor. Once you have accepted the maximum amount of mentors (as designated by you), your name is no longer available in the search.

I’m moving to an outside counsel position. Can I officially terminate my relationship?

If you are currently enrolled in the program and your ACC membership terminates, it will automatically terminate your relationship in ACC’s system. Please also contact your mentee or mentor directly and let them know that you have moved on to a new position. 

I am in-transition. Can I serve as a mentor?

ACC will not prohibit in-transition members from signing up as mentors; however our focus group participants indicated that they only wish to connect with employed mentors, so we encourage in-transition members to sign up after they find new employment.

I’m in transition. Can I serve as a mentee?

Yes. In-transition members are welcome to enroll as mentees in the mentoring program.